Limited Edition Rose & Lavender Cleanse & Polish

Since Liz Earle launched, Cleanse & Polish has become the 'Little Black Dress' of cleansers.  (You'll find it on our own bathroom shelves.) But now, fleetingly - be quick, be quick, be super-quick - it's to have a 'sister', with this.  And there's a wonderful story behind it.

Through her role on their Tomorrow Campaign, Liz is a mentor with The Prince's Trust - The Prince of Wales's charity which works to give young people a career or business kickstart. (We've seen it in action.  And it really, really works.)  Liz teamed up to share her industry expertise with Rebecca Taylor, a charming beauty therapist and single mother who's started her own business, The Original Lash and Nail Bar.

And - gulp - she also gave Rebecca the challenge of coming up with a new spin on Cleanse & Polish, that iconic, award-winning cleanser, creating a limited-edition version specifically to raise funds for The Prince's Trust.  Rebecca's idea was to alter not the cocoa-butter-rich cleanser itself but the fragrance, creating a delightful soft floral scent with lavender essential oil (only the best, high-altitude stuff, of course) and Damask rose.  It's a beautiful alternative to the aromatic, botanical scent of the original cleanser which has become part of so many women's night-time wind-down routine.

With £2 from every 150 ml bottle going to The Prince's Trust, the target is to raise £100,000 for the great work this charity does.  We have a hunch if you blink you'll miss it - such is the devotion of Liz's fans - so we suggest you hot-finger it over to the website (or a John Lewis Liz Earle counter), and snap this up.

Because it really could help some other budding entrepreneur - or a young adult who's lost their way, somehow - enjoy a rosier future.

UK readers find Liz Earle Limited Edition Cleanse & Polish/£19.75 for 150 ml (including two muslin cloths) - buy here