Legology Air Lite Daily Lift for Legs Contouring Leg Cream


We've little to add to our initial feelings about Air Lite – see our previous review, below. We still love, love, love it – and are pleased that it's gone from a limited edition exclusive to Liberty (see below) to a product in wide distribution, raved about by beauty editors around the world.

But there's one very welcome bit of news – which is that instead of only being available in a hefty tub, there's now a portable version of Air-Lite, ideal for travel – jolly useful for keeping in a beach bag or handbag when legs feel heavy and tired while pounding the pavements of a sun-drenched city. (It even airport security-friendly if you are the type of person who succeeds – where we fail – in taking carry-on luggage only.)

And thus, straight in our holiday basket does this fly...

Legology Air-Lite Daily Lift for Legs/£45 for 100 ml at


What we wrote about Air-Lite before...

'We honestly didn't think we could be faffed to slather on a leg product every day. Well, we were wrong - because this is just fantastic at the end of a weary day.

Created by beauty editor Kate Shapland, a.k.a. The Legologist, it's the product of years of battling with her own leg woes. It ain't cheap. But if you've got real leg issues - heavy legs, cellulite, or you just feel you're dragging your pins around behind you and find it hard to put one foot in front of another - we honestly think this is worth the investment.

It was born out of a visit Kate made to The Leg School on Capri, where Italian women go to have their cellulite, thread veins and stretch marks tackled. And it is truly bliss-to-use: a light, airy, gel-like texture which leaves skin silky, toned, smooth - but most of all, creates a really extraordinary feeling of lightness, helping with lymph drainage. Best of all, for us? The truly cheerful Italian lemon scent, which puts a smile on our faces every time we apply this.

Just 500 limited edition pots have been produced, and it's exclusive to Liberty. We'd recommend getting there as fast as your (knackered) legs will carry you.'