Organic Lebon Toothpaste


Jo first spotted these at Printemps’ stunning new beauty hall in Paris – and promptly splashed out an indecent amount on toothpaste. She hasn’t regretted it, and on trips to Paris has stocked up since.

At the recent Indie Beauty Show, then, she did a little jig at discovering that Lebon toothpaste is now available in the UK.

Now, this was a beauty/wellness category ripe for some serious innovation. So: say ‘bonjour’ to a range of luxury toothpastes created in tandem with perfumer/flavour experts in Grasse. Which, as you might guess, means that Lebon oralcare offers a very different sensory experience to the usual tooth-brushing drudgery. By toothpaste standards, they’re seriously expensive. But our thinking is: what price a great smile? And anything that encourages diligent brushing – as these do – has got to be a good thing.

The first flavour to capture Jo’s imagination was Sweet Extravagance, described as ‘haute couture and sexy’, in which ‘rose embraces orange blossom with a hint of mint’. And yes, it’s just as delectable as that sounds. Since then, she’s enjoyed Rhythm is Love, featuring citrusy yuzu and ylang ylang, ‘the flower of the flowers’. (Next on her toothpaste wishlist – and who knew there could be such a thing? – is Tropical Crush, which blends pineapple with rooibos and mint.

There are whitening options, too. All 0% parabens, 0% saccharine, 0% dye – and the tubes are recyclable.

Above and beyond that, though, they’re all so colourfully and stylishly packaged that Lebon – which is also available in 25ml travel sizes (also ideal for trialling) – will have you rearranging your bathroom shelf, to show off your toothpaste.

From £8.99 for 25 ml (£17.99 for 75 ml) – buy here