Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation


We’ve clung on for as long as possible, but summer’s dewy-finished foundation just isn’t working in this autumn light. And the new velvet/corduroy/plush/mohair fabrics call out for a different ‘finish’ for the face, too. Enter a stupendous new foundation from Laura Mercier, which offers really good, velvety coverage without looking at all ‘mask-like’ – and doesn’t feel heavy or claggy on the skin. It delivers medium coverage at first application (we’re still unswervingly devoted to our O, Wow! Brush for this) – but if you really want to conceal every last thread vein or pigmentation mark, just keep delicately building with a touch on the fingertip.

The long-wear (and we mean REALLY impressively long-wear) is probably down to the fact it’s oil-free – and dry skins will definitely want to deeply moisturise first, while allowing 10 minutes before application. Silicone powders work to blur lines, meanwhile – unlike some foundations, which just settle into them!

Lots of reasons to cheer this addition to Laura’s brilliant foundation line-up – but three extra cheers for the fact it comes in 20 shades, across a very wide range of skintones.

Laura Marcier Flawless Fusion Ultra Longwear Foundation/£35 for 30 ml at