Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream


Along with their very spiffy, slightly retro new look – which we love, love, love – Lanolips have come up with a few new treats, of which this is probably our favourite. We’re still suffering from dry skin after our fake-tan-a-thon for the YOU Summer Sun Special, but this is really helping –de-scaling elbows, heels and flaky shins. Most importantly, it seriously IS a multi-tasker. Day Cream? Night Cream? Body Cream? Baby Cream? This rich offering would be brilliant to pack for a flight, because the triple-lanolin formula is perfect for combating high-altitude parchedness, too. (We’ve also used it as a cleanser, with a muslin cloth – and it’s good for that, too, even if we wouldn’t necessarily do that every single night.)

If you ever find yourself baffled with the wealth of beauty options out there, this 98.4% natural skin answers multiple beauty challenges, in one sexy tube.

Lanolips Everywhere Multi-Cream/£10.99 for 50 ml at