Did you know Liz Earle's now designing Fairtrade jewellery...?


For as long as we've known her (which is a l-0-o-o-o-n-g time), Liz Earle's loved jewellery. Not bling, but discreet jewellery which works very well with the sleek, streamlined look she's perfected over the years (and of which we're rather envious). As Liz herself explains, 'I’ve long had a passion for fine jewellery. I collected beads as a child (my favourites were handmade, multi-coloured Murano glass beads from Venice). Later in life I discovered the delights of the auction house – Bonhams, Sothebys and Christies – where I would often go and browse the incredible vintage jewels being previewed before the sale dates'

'Very occasionally,' Liz continues, 'I would go to an auction and sit at the back, ready to snap up any bargains (often old-fashioned styles that I then took to a local jeweller to re-work into more wearable pieces). Sometimes I’d pair paste with real, such as a pretty vintage diamond clasp set in the midst of a string of realistic (but faux) pearls. In fact, I was passionate about it that when I launched a beauty line on QVC, the Home Shopping Channel, I swiftly followed this with a line of costume jewellery too. As we know though, my skincare took off so overwhelmingly well that all my other ventures took a backseat.'

A couple of years back, Liz worked with Boodles to create a piece of jewellery inspired by rose geranium. And now, she's turned her hand to creating an entire botanically-inspired collection, called Fair and Fine: bracelets, earrings, rings and more, which – in the tradition of Liz Earle ventures – has already scooped its first award: Emerging Designers and Ethical Jewellery awards in Professional Jeweller‘s Collections of the Year 2015.

As Liz explains, 'Stepping back into the world of jewellery, I’ve become increasingly aware of sourcing issues. Just as I worked with women’s co-operatives and organic farmers and growers when selecting botanicals for the Liz Earle Beauty Co., so I’ve sought out the most ethical and sustainable precious metals for my new jewellery collection. It’s entirely made from 24ct Fairtrade gold (vermeil plated onto Fairtrade sterling silver) as well as being "fine" jewellery.'

The venture is a collaboration with Cred, a British jeweller specialising in Fairtrade precious metals – and along with Liz, we hope will help promote the idea of jewellery which doesn't exploit either people or planet.

(Fairtrade) gold star, Ms. Earle.

Liz Earle The Botany Collection is at www.credjewellery.com/£136-180 here