Kiss The Moon Love Night Cream for Hands


A hand cream designed to make you sleep better...? Can it really work...? Well, of course, we had to put this through its paces – and although there's no scientific proof, we've had some excellent zzzzzzs since we started using this.

What we love first off about this, though – aside from being 100% natural – is the way Kiss The Moon Love Night Cream For Hands is pitched as a last-thing-at-night hand treatment. That's the nudge we need to do regularly what we know hands love best – which is a rich, generous, give-it-all-you've-got last-thing-at-night slather. No worries about escaping the loo with greasy hands, or getting paw-prints on your phone screen – which are key factors with a 'day' hand cream'; this can just sink right in while you slumber.

And sure enough, by morning, those hands are velvety. And go on getting more so, the more you use this. It's rammed to the rafters with shea butter and rosehip seed oil, with rosewater adding to the delectable, soft scent alongside rose absolute, ylang ylang and frankincense oil.

Does it aid sleep? We are enjoying some excellent kip. And one thing is for certain: we're not having nightmares about the state of our hands, any more.

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