Kilian Le Rouge Parfum


'Tis the season for a rich, velvety red lipstick. A treat for the new season. (Perhaps even more necessary than usual if you, like us, currently have a moratorium on buying clothes, as part of Oxfam's #secondhandseptember initiative – see our main feature, today.)

And lipstick treats don't come much sexier than these scented offerings, from Kilian. (Better known for beautiful – liquid – fragrances.)

We've always loved lipstick-y scents, but the fragrance for Le Rouge Parfum isn’t the traditional Mummy's handbag/violet scent; they're a little more 'sophisticated' and like a 'proper perfume' – a a little woody, a little almond-y, overall a touch exotic and gourmand-esque – resulting in a very pleasurable application experience.

The whole process of using is utterly delightful from the get-go, actually. First off, the lipstick tube: a textured black design, weighty in the hand. (Do peek inside the lid: even that's embossed with a 'K' – for Kilian Hennessy, the creator of this perfume house.)

Then the product: a choice of finishes (satin or matte), dense in pigment and in an incredibly flattering selection of reds: warm-toned Lightweight in texture and not drying at all, they're comfy on the lips while delivering a sky-high jolt of glamour that stays put for an impressive length of time. (We couldn't get the full, promised 10 hours out of it – but then we've never gone that long without eating or drinking...) The six shades (each available in Satin or Matte finish) have suitably decadent names: Heaven, Prohibited, Aphrodisiac, Intoxicating, Devil and Dangerous (!)

Definitely a splurge price, but a total treat. (And we're justifying with the thought of what we're saving on clothes...)

And to quote Kilian himself: 'A woman with the right red is invincible!'

£42 – buy here