Kikki.K/Thrive by Arianna Huffington collaboration


Nice stationery is one of our big vices, at beauty (Oh, we know how to live!) But as far as we're concerned, beautifully-designed notebooks and desk accessories aren't just pleasurable: by helping us to stay organised, our experience is they really help to boost overall wellbeing, taking away a lot of anxiety about staying on top of life.

And Swedish stationery brand kikki.K's pads, notebooks and desk accessories have become especial favourites; we often make a bee-line for the Covent Garden store (and almost always click on their e-bulletins, which is more than we can say for most. Copper stapler, anyone...?)

But this is really something: they've teamed up with the author of one of the most significant books on de-stressing to have been published in years, Arianna Huffington, to create a capsule collection of stationery. They've even done a special limited edition of her book, Thrive – a publication we've given to many young women we know, to help them achieve a better work-life balance.

To accompany the book there's a Thrive Journal – which sets out to help you connect with what really matters in life – and a beautiful Dream Journal, where you can record your dreams.

Several Christmas presents sorted right there, for us – and it's only August. Well, we told you we believe in organisation!

Kikki.K Thrive book, Thrive Journal and Dream Journal/£7.50-21 at

PS Do also check out their regular blog here for tips on finding balance in life, download a 'pause' moment – or just indulge your stationery lust