Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum and Micro-Firming Wand


We recently met up with beauty glamazon Kat Burki on a flying visit to London, when she was unveiling the signature skincare collection she’d just launched into SpaceNK. (And when they’ve selected a brand to add to their edit, that’s a fair clue there’s some substance to it.) We’re not going to go into the science behind this brand – all the stuff about ‘cell communicatio’ and ‘co-factors’. (We know you’re more interested in how something smells, how it feels, what it does…)

From a technical point of view, we are interested in the idea that the oils in this range are cold-pressed and cold-processed, because – just as with food – that’s the best way to ensure high levels of nutritional elements remain in the product. Among other ingredients, it contains gotu kola, calendula, arnica, lavender and chamomile, along with a uniquely stable form of vitamin C that’s released on contact with skin.

We’ve enjoyed using the KB5 Eye Recovery Masks (pads for tired/puffy eyes), but most especially this reviving serum – all-importantly, applied with the Micro-Firming Wand, which (it’s claimed) ‘allows the active anti-ageing ingredients to penetrate into the skin by 30%’. Whatever: we’re all about the tools, right now, and this smooths away puffiness while helping the serum to sink in.

The serum definitely brightens, definitely puts a glow in – and is definitely pretty expensive. But the wand? It should last you a lifetime and is definitely a skin-vestment worth making, in radiance terms.

 Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum/£132 for 30 ml and Micro-Firming Wand/£68 at www.uk.spacenk.com