Jurlique Nutri-Define Touch of Luxe Contouring and Defining Facial

Writes Jo: 'We're wary of trying new facials but when a brand like Jurlique unveils a new anti-ageing facial, Beauty Bible is basically there before you can say 'Biosome5 Innovation' (which is the natural liposome technology behind their new sculpting and age-defying facial). The treatment itself was at Agua Spa at The Sanderson, on London's Berners Street - a wonderful spa, with gauzy curtains separating the treatment 'rooms' (so you do kind of have to hope there's no loud hotel guest on the adjacent massage couch - and in this case, it was blissfully quiet).

The facial 'showcases' the new Nutri-Define collection from Jurlique - their most serious line-and-wrinkle-targeter to date. I'd already been trying the trio of skincare products (read more about them in Beauty Bible Loves by clicking here) so I knew that my touchy skin didn't play up when I used them - which actually made the facial super-relaxing, because I've often lain there fretting that I'd emerge from a treatment with skin that was red, rather than just glowing...

One of the factors I really, really liked about this facial was its hands-on nature. Lots of de-puffing facial massage, really working the flesh of the face - which is absolutely the best thing for skin, in my book. My therapist had the kind of practised hands I dream of in a therapist, and knew just how to unkink the knots in my shoulders and scalp as well as blitzing the huge amounts of stress I was carrying in my jaw, after a particularly frantic few weeks. What else did I like? The hand massage; I carry almost as much tension in my hands as my face. (Quite often, I'll look down and see little "fists" on the end of my arms.)

There are crystals used in the facial, too - rose quartz (said to calm and rejuvenate the skin), and jade, which has long been used in Eastern facials. The jade roller, gliding over a lightly-oiled skin, is one of the key reasons for the "draining" action of the facial. (Meanwhile, do check out the instructions for an at-home lifting' massage using the products, which we've tried - and it delivers good results...)

I went in with a slight headache, left without one. I went in looking dull-skinned and pouchy, and came out looking radiant and more sculpted. Really, what more can you ask? So: it takes a lot to get me to try a new facial. It takes even more to make me want to return for another visit - but in the case of the "Touch of Luxe", to quote The Terminator: "I'll be back.'"

Jurlique Nutri-Define Touch of Luxe Contouring and Defining Facial is at the Agua Spa, Sanderson Hotel/£80 for 50 minutes - click here to book on-line or call 020 7300 1400


Step 1 - Lift

Using the palm of your hand, sweep in upward strokes from the base of the neck to the jaw line. Alternate hands and lift the skin tissue with the thumb and index fingers as you glide.Repeat three times on each side of the neck.

Step 2 - Define

Place the heel of both hands on your chin; using firm pressure, slide hands in an upwards movement until the heel of the hand reaches temples. Repeat three times.

Step 3 - Contour

With both thumbs anchoring your hands in front of each ear lobe, use the flats of your fingers on both hands to massage the face. Start at the bridge of your nose and with firm pressure smooth both hands across forehead and finish at temples. Repeat three times.