What Jo's loving for autumn/winter 2016


Beauty Bible co-author Jo Fairley rounds up some of her favourite 'finds' for end-of-year 2016: luscious lip products, a show-stopping party nail shade – and a fab list-making app, among them... Chanel Le Vernis Liquid Mirror 

It's definitely against the spirit of yoga to be staring admiringly at your toenails while in forward bend – but somehow, irresistible with this almost mirror-finish product. A stupendous gunmetal silver shade, it's highly reflective (not quite a mirror, but almost). And when paired with the new Chanel Le Gel Top Coat, it remained entirely chip-free for one whole month; admittedly I had the polish professionally applied at Margaret Dabbs – as I always do, taking my varnish with me so I can touch up if required before my next session – but it's still impressive. I plan to be wearing this not only on the yoga mat in the coming month, but when I reveal my toes in party sandals.

Chanel Le Vernis Liquid Mirror/£18 at selfridges.com


Jane Iredale CompactJane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation

The lovely (and inspiring) Jane Iredale breezed into town recently and gave me a refresher course in some of her fantastic range – including getting one of her make-up artists to whisk her brushes over my face to apply this. I am not, it has to be said (and unlike Sarah) the hugest fan of mineral make-up – so this was a real surprise. It has a velvety rather than a sparkly finish, goes on like a dream with a fluffy brush – and had perfect strangers commenting on how nice my skin looked. What's not to love about that...? As per her whole range it's all-natural. The pressed powder slips into a refillable compact (which has just been launched), magnetised to the base, to keep it securely in place. And it comes in more than two dozen shades (of which mine is Golden Glow, a 'medium with yellow gold undertones'). Even when I do wear liquid foundation now, I'm using this as a finishing powder, with great results.

Jane Iredale Purepressed Base Mineral Foundation/£32 (plus £12 for the Refillable Compact) at janeiredale.com/en


Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 16.21.53The Sanctuary Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash

Quite simply, I think this is the nicest-smelling body wash I've ever, ever used – a real cobweb-buster of a scent with invigorating green lemon, and the always-fabulous fresh white floral aroma of neroli. I got a 75 ml sample in a goody bag and was completely blown away by the gentle lather and the super-clean scent – and promptly went right out and bought a generous 250 ml size. I just wish it came in a pump, to make it easier to use as a hand wash.

The Sanctuary Green Lemon & Orange Blossom Body Wash/£5.50 for 250 ml at boots.com


Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 15.20.45Three new autumn lip 'loves'

Quite simply I couldn't choose between these: a stunning red lip balm, a gorgeously shimmering natural red lipstick (too few of those around), and a gloss which brings back all sorts of teenage memories! First off: Sisley Paris Photo-Lip Twist Matte: a tinted, not-shiny balm in 17 Kiss – a stunning cherry-scarlet red which looks pretty darned scary in the bevelled-end, twist-up stick, but which goes on wonderfully sheer to comfort lips while delivering a strong, see-thru slick of colour. Secondly: on weekends, I prefer to wear a more 'natural'/eco formulation of lipstick – and it's been hard to find something that offers a really good, shimmering red shade (I'm currently loving a stronger lip look). Benecos Natural Lipstick offers not only a lovely, moisturising texture, but a gently gleaming cherry red shade – and I like the fact I could almost eat it from the tube. And last but not least, I'd like to share what's definitely my favourite lip oil yet: Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow. (I'm a massive convert to lip oils, as an alternative to balms.) Clinique's Black Honey shade was my first-ever lip gloss colour, and now it's available in this luscious lip oil format; I still love its flattering, transparent Morello cherry tone –which happens pretty universally flattering. (Haven't tried this dual-purpose on cheeks – don't really look for a shiny finish, there – but it's truly fab on lips.)

Sisley Phyto-Lip Twist Matte/£29 at selfridges.com Benecos Natural Lipstick/£6.95 at pravera.co.uk Clinique Pop Oil Lip & Cheek Glow/£16 at boots.com



Screenshot 2016-11-14 13.23.00

If you're wondering what a list-making app's doing on a round-up of health and beauty finds – well, this has done more for my wellbeing in the couple of years I've been using it than almost anything (except my Headspace app). I've tried all sorts of productivity apps (TellMeLater, Evernote, RemindMe, Reminders – and that’s just for starters). Trouble is, I would put all my ‘To Dos’ on a list on my phone – and that’d be that. Out of sight, out of mind – which meant: deadline missed, shopping not bought, family not fed, Brownie points generally unearned. But there’s something different about Wunderlist. (And it’s not just the highly satisfying ‘ping’ when I cross something off my list – my absolute favourite sound.)

For a start, having sprung for the Wunderlist Pro upgrade within a few days of getting hooked (£39.99 a year annual subscription), as opposed to the free version, I now have it sync-ing in real-time across every single piece of technology I own – desktop, iPad, phone, laptop. (And cleverly, the creators of Wunderlist have decided to make it available to virtually every single platform out there – no prejudice against Android-owners, from these guys.) I love the fact I can share lists with anyone else – Beauty Bible's Amy, husband, other team members, best friend (films we want to see, gardens we want to visit) – and when they complete a task, I get a notification. And it truly comes into its own at this time of year when we're all trying to remember so much – and can easily pop off the top of the stress-o-meter. I've done my Christmas list on here – and it's ping, ping, pingtastic!

Wunderlist/free – or upgrade to £39.99 for the professional version at wunderlist.com