John Frieda Full Repair™


When the staff at John Frieda salons start ordering a product that isn’t yet available in the UK from Amazon in Germany, that’s probably a clue that something pretty special is in the pipeline – and the Full Repair range really is.  (And happily we can now get it here, so no need to scour cyberspace for this.)  There was a real buzz in the salon before we managed to get our hands on this.

Ostensibly this range has been designed for abused hair – i.e. that’s been trashed by overstyling.  But we don’t think that quite conveys its miraculous quality:  the super-lightweight formula has proved literally life-transforming for quite a few British beauties of our acquaintance.

You know the type:  fine-haired, who have to wash their hair every day.

Only now they don’t.  Several have told us they’ve managed to get two or three days out of their style, when using the shampoo and conditioner.

So when it says ‘weightless’, it truly is.  Don’t quite know how they’ve managed it, because this range is packed with omega-3 ‘micro-oils’, for that hair-repairing effect.

There’s a Shampoo, Conditioner, a fantastic Full Repair Deep Conditioner Mask and several styling products – but the product Jo is particularly taken with is Protecting Root Lift Foam.  Generally her hair holds a style for a good few days but now still has oomph at the roots right through till her next salon visit, a week later.

We can’t think of a fine-, flat-haired woman who won’t love Full Repair™ too. UK:   Find John Frieda Full Repair™ at£5.69 for 250 ml Full Body Shampoo and Conditioner to £6.99 for 75 ml Full Repair™ Perfect Ends Sheer Mist – click here for the whole range US:  Find the range at$6.49-9.99 for the range;  click here to find it