Janjira Marine White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask


Ignore the 'white' bit. This isn't about lightening the complexion; it's all about the brightening. And it does that in almost no time flat – well, three to five minutes, technically. But we can all find a window in our schedule like that, can't we?

Doesn't take much – just two or three pumps. Then there's the delicious (almost tickle) sensation, while the product fluffs up to a fine foamy layer on the skin, bringing oxygen to the complexion and delivering a burst of vitamin C and vitamin B3, along with an ingredient that Janjira call 'Algowhite'. (Just to repeat: ignore the 'white bit'; this is an intrinsic part of marketing in the Eastern beauty world, but pretty superfluous and irrelevant here.)

Remove – we used muslin cloth – and Shazam! Skin looks brighter, clearer, vibrant and energised, just like that.

Making this totally bubblicious.

Janjira Marine White Instant Brightening Bubble Mask/£24 for 40 ml at castlethaispa.com