Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Eyeshadow/Primer


When Jane Iredale (herself!) breezed into town recently, she showed us all sorts of forthcoming gorgeousness – including these fab eyelid primers. They’re what we’d call ‘smoosh-and-go’: so easy to blend you can almost do it in the dark. If you like a really, really no-make-up look, they could even double as lightweight eyeshadows – especially the Iced Brown, adding a subtle highlight to lids. (So don’t use them in the socket if you’ve fine lines, NB.) Gold is good for brow-bones, meanwhile: a subtle wash of ever-so-gently-shimmering colour. They’re not called eyeshadow-slash-primer for nothing.)

In the same way that using an under-make-up light-reflecting primer adds a certain glow to the complexion, these make eyes look that little bit brighter.

And of course, being Jane Iredale, as natural as it gets.

Jane Iredale Smooth Affair Eyeshadow/Primer/£22 at janeiredale.com

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