It's here! (Phew!)

Buy a book, try our Beauty Bible Lip Balm.  How's that for an offer...? As you may have twigged from this site and Sarah's page in YOU Magazine, the 2013/2014 edition of The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible has landed in the UK, with dozens of 'new entries' among the award-winners.

For some obscure reason only known to our beloved publisher, it doesn't go on general sale till 5th December - but, big but, we've secured a supply for lovely Victoria Health.

So thrilled is VH's Gill Sinclair that she's put together a very special deal:  buy the book before 30th November 2013 (and really not a moment later), and you'll receive a free Beauty Bible Lip Balm:  the one and only beauty product we've ever put our own name to.  (Because this 100% natural soother quite simply the best lip balm we've ever used.  Try pickpocketing us, and you'll probably come away with a 5p coin or two, and a BB lip balm...!)

The gift itself is worth £6, and the book itself - click here to find it - is just £12.95 (as opposed to list price of £15.99).

The book makes a lovely Christmas gift, we're always told.

(Perhaps, to yourself...)



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