It's a wrap (from Vivienne)

Jo hasn't bought wrapping paper for years:  over twelve months, she carefully selects giftee-appropriate photo spreads from the centre of husband Craig's copy of The Guardianlays them on cellophane, and hey, presto!  Free (recycled) wrapping paper. However, we also love this idea from the 'mad, bad and glorious to know' Vivienne Westwood, for Lush.  (Vivienne's passionate about climate change, and campaigns wonderfully noisily on the subject.)

The idea is that instead of buying wrapping paper - which mostly ends up in landfill (it's not easy to recycle) - you invest in one of these scarves, which you can use to wrap your chosen presents.  All proceeds from the two limited edition 'Climate Change Knot Wraps' will go to Climate Revolution, to help raise awareness.  (Wrapping items in scarves is apparently a Japanese tradition:  the art's known as furoshiki.)  Give the scarf to a friend, and she can wrap your Christmas present in it next year (after wearing it, perhaps).

Lush Vivienne Westwood Presents Pic

We completely agree with Vivienne's philosophy:  'I always say, buy less and buy better quality - so that what you buy will last...'

Go, Vivienne...!

UK readers find Climate Change Knot Wraps at£15 - buy here


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