It's a Perfume Amnesty - in a good cause!

Did you get a perfume you hated, for Christmas...? You're far from alone.  Apparently, almost 41% of women have received at least one unwanted perfume this year, amounting to over 11 million bottles of scent.

And what, pray, happens to those...?  If we're too shy to 'regift' (and apparently up to 15% of us will), they probably languish in a drawer.  Which seems such a waste.

At, they certainly agree - so through January they're running a completely genius 'Fragrance Amnesty' (#FragranceAmnesty):  send any unwanted perfume to the Escentual offices in Cardiff (details below), and they'll send you a £5 voucher to spend on a perfume you do love.

Even better, Escentual are going to redistribute these perfumes to the Give and Make Up charity, which passes on unwanted beauty products to women's domestic violence shelters around the UK.  Very often, these women have fled their homes with nothing but a few essentials (sometimes, nothing at all), and since one woman's fragrance failure is so easily another woman's great perfume love, we predict some delighted faces in the refuges.

To be eligible for the £5 off, tweet to @escentualdotcom a photo of the unwanted fragrance with the Twitter hashtag #FragranceAmnesty, stating which perfume you've loved in the past.  A perfume blogger expert, Thomas Dunckley, will even be on hand to suggest which new scent to choose.

Wrap your bottles carefully, and send to:, Give and Make Up, 63-67 Wellfield Road, Cardiff, CF24 3PA.  They should be unopened and in good condition.

Smells like a great idea, to us!




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