iS Innovative Skincare Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment

We're long-term groupies of the 'iS Clinical boys', as we know them:  Bryan Johns (who was formerly Director of Skincare for the Kronos Institute, one of the world's top anti-ageing research and treatment facilities), and Alec Call, who's the biz brains.  It's hard to find a nicer duo, in this industry.  (And it happens to be an industry of very nice people.) So:  having been let in on info about their new IS Innovative Skincare cosmeceuticals, we've been on tenterhooks - till we got our hands on them just recently.  And we haven't been disappointed.

In particular, we're loving the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment, which only has to be used once a fortnight (or even once a month) to turbo-charge radiance:  you rub the treatment - like a lightweight gel mask with little exfoliating beads - onto damp skin with circular movements, and five minutes later, remove.  And look in the mirror.  And blink.  Because the enzymes really do work - gently but effectively (a-cliché-but-it's-true) to brighten by dissolving dead skin cells, getting in rid of all those claggy bits of dry skin that like to lurk around the nose.  But generally leaving you radiant, without a hint of irritation.

Anyway, after our enzyme blitz, we like to follow - since it's (allegedly) summer - with Extreme Protect SPF30:  despite the high SPF, it leaves not a trace of whiteness on the skin as it melts comfortably in.  (In trials, DNA damage to skin protected with this, then exposed to sunlight, is apparently less than the DNA damage that takes place in a darkened room.  Gob-smacking, not to put too find a point on it.)

As you've probably divined, the range is super high-tech:  a key element is something called Extremozyme™ technology, using ingredients derived from plants and algae which thrive where other life forms can't.  (If you want the serious science bit, click here for a fascinating read.)  But it's also a joy to use - and can we just add how much we like the packaging?  It just plain feels nice in the hand, and the pumps give you exactly the amount you want.  (It matters, it really does!)  Often, we have problems with products that are this whiz-bang - but not iS Innovative Skincare.

In short, boy do we love it.

Or rather:  'Boys, do we love it...'

UK readers find iS Innovative Skincare Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment/£73 for 50 ml at - just click here;  find Extreme Protect SPF30/£64 for 100 g - just click here US readers find the Exfoliating Enzyme Treatment/$78 for 1.7 fl oz - click here;  find iS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF30/$78 for 3.5 oz - click here;  find Extreme Protect SPF30/£68 for 3.5 fl oz - click here