Incognito Suncream, Moisturiser and Hair & Body Wash


Incognito is a clever, small British brand whose only aim in life is to stop us getting bitten by mosquitoes. Happily, malaria died out in Britain years ago – but the recent wet weather means that the little (non-malarial) blighters have been breeding (and biting) close to home, as well as in warmer climes.

Incognito's original Insect Repellent – which contains the maximum amount of citronella that can be used by humans, alongside eucalyptus – really works. (For five years in a row, it's been Best Insect Repellent in Janey Lee Grace's Platinum Awards.) Now the same formulation's been incorporated into other, user-friendly products to create an arsenal of buzz-off beauty products which are free of DEET, a particularly unpleasant chemical repellant.

There's an Incognito Suncream Insect Repellent (which features aloe, geranium and edelweiss), offering an SPF25 – invaluable if you're planning on sunbathing somewhere that mosquitoes also like to hang out.

The Incognito Hair & Body Wash features Java citronella, tea tree and bergamot (and as the name suggests, can be used from top-to-toe). And last but not least, there's an Incognito Moisturiser, again designed to be used on face and body, with skin-nourishing avocado, chamomile and geranium. It's not described as an aftersun on the label – but it works well as one. (A bonus: the tube's made of sugarcane plastic – because with everything this company does, they strive to be as ethical and environmentally-friendly as poss.)

The range is certified COSMOS natural by The Soil Association and Vegan Society-approved.

Not least because presumably, keeping mozzies at bay is more vegan-friendly than swatting them...

Incognito Suncream, Moisturiser and Hair & Body Wash/from £8.99 for Incognito Hair & Bodywash to £22.99 for Incognito Suncream Insect Repellent at