Illamasqua Lip Lure


Summer might not seem a logical time to fall head-over-heels (or maybe lip-over-heels) for a new long-lasting liquid lipstick, but this is too good not to flag up. (And besides, as you'll see from our Instagram, we love a strong lip with a tanned face.) Now, we're pretty sure that as a Beauty Bible reader you'll want to steer clear of the pitch black Illamasqua Lip Lure option (it's called Nebulus in case you have a goth daughter or goddaughter who might fancy it), but trust us: there are some stunning shades in this range, all of which are comfy on the lip and go the distance.

Rose, for instance, is a lovely flattering - well, rose. Dusk takes the rosiness deeper, while Jo's rather fond of Jus: a deep wine colour. There are nine shades in all, from a flaming coral/red to the aforementioned black.

And although the sponge applicator makes for a great velvety finish, should you choose, you can also dab it on and blend for a really enduring stain – actually great for summer because it doesn't 'slide' off your lips when the temperature warms up.

Which we are reliably informed it will do again, at some point.

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