Illamasqua Aftermath Collection

Just ignore the visual, above. Even with Halloween beckoning we’re not suggesting you go out looking like that. But within this make-up collection are some real gems. We’ve written before about how Illamasqua’s albeit highly creative photography probably puts off women ‘of a certain age’ who can get some very flattering effects from their collections.

These Metallic Powder Eye Shadows – in bronze, gold and silver tones – are a case in point. Add a whisper to the inner corner of the eye or the brow-bone, and they’ll bring the face alive.

And the Lava Lipsticks – a new, metallic version of a product they brought out earlier in some definitely scare-the-horses shades – look lovely on the lips, swirling rich tones with metallic ‘marbled’ elements running through the lipsticks (no two are identical), for a very flattering, shimmery pout.

There are Illamasqua stores in London, Leeds, Liverpool – and you’ll find it at selected Selfridges and Debenhams stores, too. Why not pop in and ask for a ‘non-scary’ makeover?

We think you’ll be surprised – but not frightened – by the results.

Illamasqua Aftermath Collection/from £17 for Metallic Eye Shadow to £20 for Lava Lipsticks at

Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.09.27
Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 10.09.27