If this doesn't bring a tear to your eyes...

... We don't know what will. As you know, we're big supporters of the charity Look Good, Feel Better (we were warbling away at their Carol concert on Monday, en masse!), but this little YouTube video - which we can't recommend too highly that you watch - is a sort of 'variation' on that theme.

The Mimi Foundation is pretty similar to Look Good, Feel Better - which offers makeover workshops for cancer patients all over the UK and the US - but it operates in Belgium, France and Switzerland.

Just recently, they had the idea of taking a group of patients and giving them more than a makeover:  they truly transformed them into works of art.  The women (and men) had to keep their eyes shut the whole time they were being worked on, and then open them when it was all done. A photographer then captured the extraordinary moment of carefreedom when they looked at their image in the mirror.

The cancer patients had reported that what they missed the most was a sense of feeling carefree.  And this imaginative project really delivered that!  (Even if they were sometimes a bit shocked by the vision staring back at them!)

Do watch.  It's totally worth three minutes of your life.

Click here to view.