Help me choose an eye cream

Q. I need help choosing an eye cream please.  I have lines and dark circles and people say my eyes always make me look tired.  They are also very sensitive.  I also have a crêpey neck, if you can give me any advice for that... A.  For your sensitive eyes, we suggest Barefoot Botanicals Rosa Fina Intensive Eye Serum, an all-natural product that scored highly in our consumer trials for The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible.

l_BFB0612Our testers for this cream had a variety of problems, including the ones you mention.  They commented: ‘really loved this light, silky product: lines much much fainter after six weeks, wrinkles less deep, skin much smoother’; ‘skin around eyes looked much more hydrated and fine lines looked smoother because skin plumper; had a positive effect ton puffiness and dark circles did diminish slightly’.

We also suggest using a light-reflecting concealer around your eyes, during the day.  YSL Touche Eclat (a.k.a. Radiant Touch) remains a classic and we don't know anyone who's sensitive to this.  Among others we love are Liz Earle Light Reflecting Concealer, in four shades, which is always in Sarah’s make-up bag.

A good tip: dot a little in the inside dark corner of the eye, then trace an upside-down triangle under your eyes with the point on top of your cheekbones.  (They are both wands, so it’s easy to do.)  Then gently pat the concealer into the dark corners either side of your nose and in the triangular area under your eyes.  Abracadabra!  That tired look has gone.

Dark circles are often hereditary, and may be caused by pigmentation - which there's very little you can do to change, so concealer's your best bet.  But there is, of course, lifestyle advice for non-pigmentation-related dark circles - which includes adequate sleep, and eating a balanced diet:  simple stuff, but when your overall health is good, dark circles tend naturally to be diminished.

Clarins NeckFor the sensitive skin on your neck, consider another classic: Clarins Extra-Firming Advanced Neck Cream.


But do remember: the key with all these products is to use them daily, twice a day if the label recommends that.  And with necks (that means your upper bosom too), always stroke the skin upwards towards your jawline – you really will see the difference.

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