Hello Kitty Lipsticks

It may still be October, but this is definitely a contender for Beauty Bible's Stocking Filler of the Year 2012. (And no way are these for teens-only:  we happen to know plenty of otherwise mature, sane women who have a soft spot for All Things Kitty.  And they don't all live in Japan.)

At just £3.99, these are a real beauty steal, in six perfectly lovely shades.  In place of a cap, there's a pull-off Kitty head (if that doesn't sound too gruesome).

Maybe not something you'd whip out of your bag to repair your lips in The Wolseley - but guaranteed to bring a smile to the lips along with that swoosh of colour.

UK readers find Hello Kitty Lipticks at www.superdrug.com/£3.99 - buy here