Hello Day Hello Summer

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We’re terribly taken with Hello Day. (So were you, clearly, looking at the thousands of entries to the prize draw we ran with this new supplement company a couple of months back.)

Developed in tandem with pharmacists and doctors, the packaging also ups the pleasure factor of pill-popping. Is that important? Actually, we think it could potentially matter just as much with supplements as with other beauty products: when you enjoy doing something (even opening a box to extract a vitamin), you’re more likely to do it regularly. And when taking supplements, that is SO key.

This selection – which sets out to ‘prep’ skin and body for summer – has been put together specifically for summer. So inside, you’ll find Digestion Shape (we’re thinking: bikini, flatter tummy); Sun Prime (with copper to help balance skin pigmentation, betacarotene to enhance tanned skin, and protective selenium and vitamins A and E. Circulation Activate is, well, a general circulation booster. And Libido Stimulate is in there – well, we need say no more…

And that box itself? Hand on heart, we’ve never laid hands on vitamin packaging so pretty that we actually wanted to keep it, once we’ve popped every last pill…

£79 – buy here