Headspace invites you to a calmer pregnancy

As regular readers know, Jo in particular is a massive fan of Headspace meditation, crediting it with turning her into a much, much calmer (and probably nicer!) person after just a couple of weeks of use. Four months in, she can't imagine life without it. (The Headspace notifications are about the only ones she's left switched on, on her iPhone: three little nudges of peace and reflection, throughout the day.) We thought that any of our pregnant readers would love to know about the The Pregnancy Pack: Headspace's latest 'pack' (there are so many, from Sleep - which Jo will be reporting back on shortly - to Self-Esteem). It's 'designed to give you and your baby the very best start', and is ideal even if you've never meditated before. (You can listen to a preview on Soundcloud, on the Headspace site here.)

There is also some really sage wisdom in the 10 Tips for a Mindful Birth article, here - one of several excellent ones on birth and pregnancy, actually.

Headspace has seriously taken off (when Jo just checked the site, 8,056 users were currently meditating!) - and we're so not surprised.

So pregnant or not, can we recommend you check it out...?