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We have two sets of five fabulous products to give away, each set worth £413 It's August - and as we're taking a break, we're leaving our prize draws open for longer than usual. So you've sitll time to enter a whole raft of them - for the full run-down of 'live' draws', just click here...

They promise a whole lot, the Edlich sisters – Liz and Rachel - who founded Radical Skincare. And because we hear a lorra-lorra hype about products, we were sceptical. But they were right: Radical Skincare truly does deliver radical results.

Liz and Rachel – a dynamic duo if ever we met one (also adorable and warm and very knowledgeable) – worked in their father’s research lab since before they were ten, which wasn't popular when all their friends were off on play dates, they say. He was a world-renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery, specialising in burns. So skin healing and rejuvenation were almost part of their DNA.

The Edlich sisters originally started formulating super-powerful but very gentle (mostly natural) skin products to solve their own problems of post-natal rosacea in Rachel’s case, and menopause-related ageing (that was Liz). They didn't mean to turn it into a brand but the demand from friends coupled with outstanding lab results overwhelmed them. And today you can find Radical Skincare in over 800 stores in 15 countries –all in the space of three years.

So we are thrilled to be able to offer two Beauty Bible readers the chance to win a set of Radical Skincare, each set worth £413.

• Advanced Peptide Antioxidant Serum (usual price, £125 for 30 ml) - this plays a hefty numbers game, boasting 13 active agents to fight the 16 causes of ageing and repairing past damage.

• Multi-Brightening Serum (£95 for 30 ml) - apply morning and evening for a more even complexion and more radiant skin.

• Anti-Aging Extreme Repair (£100 for 50 ml) - a multi-tasking high performance moisturizer, with two ‘Power Duo’ peptides.

• Skin Perfecting Screen SPF30 (£38 for 40 ml) - stroke this on your face next just before putting on your make-up to protect your skin and blur wrinkles and/or imperfections.

• Firming Body Multi-Repair (£65 for 6.76 fl oz) - light silky quickly absorbed formula for firmer more supple skin, top to toe.

For a chance of winning, simply fill in the form below. And if you can’t wait to get the Radical habit, you can order online at www.radicalskincare.com

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Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 16th September 2015