Hair by Sam McKnight


It is unquestionably ma-hoo-sive news when the world’s hottest session stylist launches a range of signature hairstyling products, pouring a career’s worth of experience into a capsule collection. So: say ‘hi’ to Hair by Sam McKnight: four products with which, as he puts it, the supermodels’ favourite is ‘aiming to inject a bit of modern effortlessness into hair.’ Designed either to be used individually or ‘layered’ together, they are intended for dry styling rather than after shampooing – because Sam’s speciality, after all, is transforming models who’ve come straight from another show and getting them catwalk-ready in exactly no time flat.

The quartet of quick coif–ers, then, is as follows…

Cool Girl (let’s start with Jo’s favourite) – a lightweight texturizing spray for (and we quote Sam) ‘rock ‘no’ roll and sexy, the hair that everyone wants’. It breaks up a too-smooth hairdo beautifully, delivering a great chunky finish that doesn’t have to be too just-rolled-out-of-bed if you use just a little.

Lazy Girl – a terrific dry shampoo in lightweight powder-mist form. Don’t just think of it as something to get hair clean; dry shampoos can be fab for adding a bit of volume when hair’s gone pancake-flat.

Easy Up-Do – fond of a chignon or a bun? This will soon become your must-have. Sam describes it as ’20 hairpins in a can’, because it literally transforms the texture of hair, to give it ‘hold and bite’.

Modern Hairspray – normally you wouldn’t catch us dead using a hairspray, because so many ‘kill’ a hairdo, leaving it lifeless. Although this is a fairly firm formula, it can easily be brushed out without leaving hair looking like it’s in need of a darned good wash.

The whole lot smells divine, created by the irrepressibly talented Lyn Harris and inspired by Sam’s famous love of gardens. (You do follow him on Instagram @sammcknight1 – don’t you…?).

As we say around here: ‘Spray it again, Sam…’

 Sam McKnight Hair/£19-25 for 250ml at