Guerlain Terracotta Collectors Ultra Shine/Ultra Matte


There is really no arguing: Guerlain have totally nailed bronzing. After all, they've been at it longer than anyone else, with the original Terracotta a truly pioneering product. And each year, with each new unveiling, they seem to improve on perfection. Which might sound like hype – until you get to a store and whisk one of these bronzers lightly across your face. (It probably bears repeating here: we are cynical and demanding beauty editors who don't take handouts from anyone.)

We very, very much like that these limited editions. With a mirror inside the twist-off lid, these offer an Ultra Shine and an Ultra Matte version. So: if you like a little shimmer with your kiss of sunshine, go for the former – and we think 'Ultra Sheen' is a more accurate description than Ultra Shine. If you prefer a velvety finish, then go for Ultra Matte – but we should add here that this still has a radiance, so you don't look 'flat'. (Each of the powders is infused with vitamins E and E for their antioxidant properties, but that's just a bonus, frankly.)

If you're swinging by a Guerlain counter, meanwhile, also check out the Terracotta Sun Trio, which offers bronzing, sculpting and highlighting options in one palette.

All hail, then, to Guerlain – the modern day Sun Kings.

Guerlain Terracotta Collectors Ultra Shine and Ultra Matte/£44 each at