Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain Exceptional Complete Mascara

This is so exceptionally clever we almost squeaked with delight.  (Not attractive, but in this job it does happen.)

You remember the vogue for lipsticks with a mirror on the tube...?  We've always thought that was clever - but the seriously brilliant Noir de Guerlain takes things to a whole new level.

When you unclick the mascara wand from the tube, this oh-so-cunning gizmo gives you a really good-size hinged mirror so you can apply the volumising, lengthening mascara on the go, without poking the brush in your eye or on your cheek.

It's seriously black (as the name suggests) - and to be honest, black is the only mascara we ever advise using.  We know blondes who swear by brown, but trust us:  black's the way to go.  This mascara curls well, too, proving remarkably flake/smudge-proof.

It also has a pretty fragrance (as we might expect from Guerlain):  a touch of rose and jasmine, white peach and a crisp, green note.  Not that anyone's going to be sniffing your lashes, but it does further enhance the pleasure of application.

What tickles us even more is that the wand is refillable, so there's no need to throw out this beautiful handbag accessory, which we think Miss Manners would almost approve  it for at-the-dinner-table mascara application.

UK readers find Noir G de Guerlain/£35 at if you click here;  refills £19 if you click here US readers find it here/$49 at if you click here;  refills $26 here