Guerlain KissKiss LipLift

We really got the point of LipLift this winter, which has been 'the winter of the strong lip'. (It’s long been a Guerlain bestseller.) Surely a lipstick primer is one beauty step too far? But no. Swipe on this almost flesh-toned creamy base. Wait a minute or so, apply your most glamorous lipstick on top. LipLift creates a smooth 'canvas' which not only creates a great finish, but the pigments cling to it - so they stay put longer, 'bleed' less.

It’s waxy, but not cake-y. We wouldn’t wear it every single darned day (sorry, Guerlain!) – but for those moments when you want a power lip, and you want it to last, it’s just the thing.

UK readers find Guerlain LipLift at£23.50