Give tennis elbow the elbow

Despite its name only five per cent of cases of tennis elbow are due to racket sports... As we enter Wimbledon fortnight, it's worth knowing that it can be brought on by any activity that involves repeatedly twisting your wrist and using your forearm muscles – e.g. using a paintbrush or roller – or repeatedly bending the elbow, as in playing the violin. Nowadays it’s a common form of repetitive strain injury caused by typing.

A colleague had persistent pain in the tendons and muscles around her elbow for nearly a year. Nothing cured it until she found Bowen technique practitioner Caroline Kremer (, who also treats sports injuries, migraine, sinusitis, hay fever and anxiety. Three sessions of gentle rolling movements cured her problem: ‘Bowen stimulates the nervous system to release tension in the soft tissue,’ explains Kremer.

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Barrister Rachel Lawrence fought like a tigress for her clients – ‘I will just keep on arguing my point until I win,’ she said. She described herself as ‘loud and gutsy’, her friends and colleagues called her ‘beautiful, warm, courageous and inspiring’ because, despite being born with cystic fibrosis (CF),

Rachel was the embodiment of living life to the full. Born with the umbilical cord around her neck, Rachel was diagnosed with CF and given three months to live. The gene involved in CF controls the movement of salt and water in and out of cells, so the lungs and digestive system become clogged with mucus, making it hard to breathe and to digest food. Rachel was 45 when she died last autumn of lung failure due to CF.

When the Cystic Fibrosis Trust was founded in 1964, a baby born with the condition would seldom live beyond five years. Today, although there is no cure, more effective treatments and specialist care mean that over half will live beyond 41 and, as Rachel so abundantly evidenced, have the potential to achieve whatever they desire in life. Rachel’s father, Sir Ivan Lawrence QC , is raising funds in her memory for research into the cause of CF and new treatments. To help other people like Rachel achieve their potential, visit and donate.



I only wear high heels occasionally but invariably my lower back complains. ‘Keeping your tummy muscles pulled in will help prevent that but it’s hard work; so for an occasional event, wear a pair of medium-control pants as well – they will help do some of the work and are less visible than a back brace,’ suggests chiropractor Dominic Cheetham (

NB He cautions that control pants are not a substitute for strong muscles and also that wearing the longer versions may compress the nerves and blood vessels in your thighs, so only wear those when standing.


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