Get happy feet

When I saw pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge jumping gamely along Manly Beach, Sydney, in four-inch-high wedges, I longed to whiz her over a pair of my favourite summer Bon Easy Fitflops (below right). With two thick Velcro-fastening leather straps that hold your feet securely on the ergonomic, super-cushy and light cork soles, you could flee a pack of bilbies (or photographers) with no problem. Or in my case, tramp happily around town without straining to keep them on. A colleague, who has the tan version, says, ‘They’re brilliant for people like me with a high instep and wide (fat!) feet because of the adjustable straps.’ And this summer’s collection of sandals and shoes all feature the Microwobbleboard midsole, which helps to absorb shock and diffuse pressure.

Our fashion department are fans of then-trend, Super T sneaker (centre right) – ‘Skater-style trainers are everywhere from the high street to the catwalk this season’ – which boast an ultra-comfy Biomimetix midsole. Their rave report votes them ‘preppy, versatile and summer-ready – a great option for getting more exercise into your day’.

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.12.25And they couldn’t resist the Dué Oxford Leather Black (bottom right), which comes with a patent toecap and offwhite or black soles. Their verdict: ‘The leather Oxford style is a nice way to incorporate Fitflops into your work wardrobe. The patent toe and lace-up detail give a classic brogue feel, which instantly updates tailored trousers or a midi skirt.’

There are masses of gorgeous styles to choose from and I know from recommending them to friends everywhere that they keep your feet and back happy so you can go the extra mile – which is good for your heart, your waistline and your frown lines, too.

Right, from top: Bon Easy in red, £80; Super T sneaker in black suede and Rio pink, £75; Dué Oxford Leather Black, £90. All from



Kegal 8Expectant and/or new mums who find doing pelvic floor exercises tricky might consider the Kegel8 Mother Nurture Electronic Pelvic Toner, which also incorporates a TENS machine to provide drug-free pain relief during labour and comes with an exercise guide to getting your pelvic floor fit. £79.99 from

Hemsley Book



Book of the Week; The Art of Eating Well by Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley (£25, Edbury Press, published on 19th June)

This book is the result of two food-loving fashionista sisters realising that suffering a daily litany of health niggles such as indigestion, acid reflux, IBS, eczema, stress and exhaustion was a long way from being ‘normal and healthy’. Model Jasmine and fashion brand manager Melissa spent ten years earning their nutrition stripes, launched their food business Hemsley + Hemsley, then wrote this collection of over 150 delicious, wholesome recipes aimed at keeping your gut healthy and your digestion efficient. It ticks all my boxes. Go to for our exclusive video with Jasmine and Melissa and don’t miss a selection of their recipes in next week’s YOU.



Micro Pedi  This battery-driven, ‘foot-sanding’ gizmo features a micro-mineral roller, which spins round 360 degrees, 30 times a second, to remove hard dry skin. Awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association, it gets glowing reviews from users, too. £39.95 at

Lanolips Golden OintmentLanolips Ointment This waterless formula contains ultra pure medical grade lanolin plus manuka honey and vitamin E and well nigh miraculously softens those rough bits around toenails and heels. It is sticky so leave time for it to absorb, eg, overnight in cotton socks. £17.99 for 50g from

PODIASTRIST APPOINTMENT If you have corns, ingrown or thickened toenails, bunions or other foot problems, please do book in to see a qualified podiatrist. Footcare may be available on the NHS, so consult your GP to see if you qualify. Otherwise find a local practitioner via the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists,