Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum

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First, how to say it: 'new-row-frow-leen'. (Think of yourself as being ‘in the FROW’., and it’s easier.)

Second, how to apply it: a pump or two of this easy-glide serum, after cleansing at night and first thing in the morning.

Third, allow it a mo or two to sink in and then touch your skin again. We're pretty sure it'll feel like silk, or maybe satin – and a little firmer, without being tight. (You'll need to apply your moisturiser over the top, for comfort – this isn't a moisturiser, despite plenty of hyaluronic acid in the formula.)

Here's the science bit: neurophroline, which is an extract of wild indigo, can apparently break down the production of cortisol production in skin cells, visibly improving skin tone.

It's actually much more complicated than that, but the bottom line is that Garden of Wisdom Neurophroline Serum has been found helpful for dry and dehydrated skins, rosacea-prone complexions – but also for acne and oily skins. A versatile molecule, this.

Bottom line? We've noticed a real improvement in clarity, softness and brightness. Beyond that, we've had loads of 'your skin's looking great' compliments in the short time we've been using this. So while the science bit's interesting, nice comments are what really do it for us.

£18 for 30ml – buy here