Treatments We Love: Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall Jade Facial


We frankly don't need asking twice to try another treatment at the Gaia Spa. We're now on our third visit.

And if you knew just how many treatments and facials and massages we turn down, in the course of a year, you'd appreciate just what a statement that is about the fab-ness of this beautiful eco-spa, created by Diane Nettleton and her team at the historic Boringdon Hall hotel, on the fringes of Dartmoor. (Take a look at the beautiful Gaia logo, by the way, below.)

This was the first time we'd tried the Gaia Jade Facial, though, which is one of Boringdon's signature treatments. They've launched a fab range of all-natural signature skincare, to add to the initial bodycare line-up – and not surprisingly, it's these products which are used in the Jade Facial.

But what makes this a standout isn't just the products – it's the tools, which you can see pictured above. Now, for us, nothing delivers a face-waking, contour-firming, relaxing effect than a 'tool'. Could be cold metal – or it could be crystals or stones (in this case, a pair of jade wands.) We always find them somehow more effective than mere fingers at de-puffing and restoring glow. (Which perhaps won't come as a surprise to anyone who has a thing for crystals.)

This is a one-hour, hands-on (or rather, jade crystals-on) treatment. It starts, as you'd expect, with a cleanse. It finishes, as you also might expect, with a rich face mask, smoothed onto what is by then a super-relaxed face. (During that part, meanwhile, you can choose either to have your head, your arms and hands or – in Jo's case – your feet massaged, while skin gets on with being re-plumped.) 

But in between there are those jade wands, working their magic as they glide over the skin, almost pushing the oil deep inside. Honestly, it's a treatment that we really would travel half-way across the country to enjoy in its own right.

Though the gourmet food and welcoming hospitality, the beauty of the spa itself – oh, and the fact they now have their own excellent Boringdon Hall gin – make it quite likely that we'll be back a fourth time.

Gaia Spa Jade Facial/£95 for 60 minutes

Gaia Spa at Boringdon Hall/01752-344455