Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum and Face Cream


Just lovely, lovely, lovely. Now, over the years we've learned at Beauty Bible that if there's one smell which pushes our followers' buttons, it's rose – which means you're going to swoon for this, with its armfuls of roses, sustainably harvested in Turkey, where Fresh have long had  a rose project under way. What we've also learned is that when you love using a product, you see optimum benefits – because the pleasure factor encourages you to apply it diligently and regularly.

There are two new products in Fresh's Rose collection, both of which offer skin a deep moisture drink. The first - Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum – has already scooped a 2016 Star Beauty Award: powered by hyaluronic acid, moisture-boosting angelica leaf extract, a 'smart' algae - and infused with rosewater and cooling cucumber extract – it makes skin look instantly vibrant and plumped-up.

The second is Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream: more of a gel-cream texture, to us, showcasing many of the ingredients featured in the serum, amplified by rose and plum seed oils. Both products are now – hallelujah – available via a Fresh UK website, something we waited years for.

There's also a fascinating video about the Fresh rose harvest which you can watch here – wallowing in the sight of the petals while you're skin's getting a darned great drink.

Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Serum/£44 for 30 ml and Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Cream/£34 for 50 ml at