FreeFrom Skincare Awards: a shout-out for testers


The organisers of the FreeFrom Skincare Awards ( - which were set up originally with Beauty Bible testers and have become a huge success - are looking for some experienced testers to test natural skincare products which have been entered into the Awards, between mid-February and mid-April. They are looking for the following;

    • Pregnant and breast-feeding women
    • Male testers
    • Testers with problem skins - and with a particular interest in 'free from' skincare

If you are interested and committed to trialling the products over a period of time and sending your feedback forms (in good time!), please e-mail the FreeFrom Skincare Awards by clicking here...

Happy testing!

NB This is quite separate to our own Beauty Bible testing, but follows many of the same protocols and we're delighted to support their testing.


FeatureTania Smith