Fragonard Menthe Basilic Candle in a Tin


Walk into Jo’s office most mornings and you’ll be greeted by the fresh, uplifting scent of this candle. She buys a new one whenever she’s in Paris – though Fragonard will ship to the UK (see link below). Note to M&S, who stock the candles and diffusers in Britain: we’d love these candles here, too, please!

It’s unbelievably refreshing and a brilliant morning mind-clearer to prep for the day, without caffeinated jitters.

Being Fragonard – whose designs tends to be inspired by textiles collected by the brand’s Creative Director, Agnès Costa (whose family founded the Grasse-based perfume house) – the packaging’s gorgeous. It’s one of quite a few gorgeous scents – maybe you’d prefer coriander/lemongrass, or myrrh and patchouli…)

And – so useful, this – it comes in a tin, to keep dust at bay. (Not that there’s much chance of this, in Jo’s office.) That makes it travel-friendly, too – ideal for freshening the air in a musty hotel room.

28 euros – buy here