Fortnum & Mason Candle Room

Like we've said a couple of times lately, we're having a scented candle moment right now.  But it's inspired, in part, by the nicest candle-shopping destination we've ever found. The glorious Candle Room at the Fortnum & Mason department store, on Piccadilly, just opened.  And (who knew?), it harks back to the shop's roots:  over 300 years ago, William Fortnum began selling candles to ladies of the court.  (Enterprising chap, that Mr. Fortnum:  he was actually a footman at the Court of Queen Anne, where one of his duties was to empty the half-burned candles.  Good recycler that he was, William would take the candles home and melt them down to re-sell to ladies of the court.  And when he teamed up with his landlord, Hugh Mason, the legendary store was born...

But today, it is truly worth setting time aside to explore this first floor department.  It's the most stunning selection of scented candles we've ever seen, anywhere:  everything from Tiziana Tirenzi (we reviewed their candles here just last week), to James Heeley, Seda France, Manufacture Chateaux, Cire Trudon, True Grace, Kenneth Turner and many, many more - a lot of them exclusive to Fortnum's.  (Including 'The Essence of Fortnum's', by Roja Dove.)

With the Christmas season approaching (and who doesn't love a scented candle as a gift...?), it really is worth sniffing out. And if you can't get there?  They've a fab selection on-line.

Because this, after all, is 2013, not 1707.

Fortnum & Mason Candle Room, 181 Piccadilly, London W1A 1ER/020-7437 3278