Forest Secrets iRejuvenate

One of the weirdnesses of being a beauty editor is eating mince pies and listening to carols when the sun's blazing outside (we get to see seasonal goodies months before Santa's packing his sleigh), but we certainly did feel Christmas had come early in another way when we encountered Forest Secrets iRejuvenate at the Urban Retreat Christmas preview. From Dr. Barbara Olioso's all-natural range, this is a multi-tasking hand and body cream that feels just the right texture:  not-too-rich, not-too-light, not-too-anything - just perfect for leaving skin soft as Rudolph's muzzle.  (Wthout the whiskers, of course.)

Referred to as 'the cream of wonders' by Forest Secrets, it features milk thistle oil, glycerine, cocoa seed butter, chlorella, honeysuckle extract - and has a really nice, geranium-y fragrance.

We really like the delivery system, too:  no fiddly lid, just twist the cap and a nozzle appears (and duly disappears again, once you've dispensed the body-quencher).

Happy Chrismas, every body...

UK readers find Forest Secrets iRejuvenate at£25 for 125 ml - buy here - and arriving soon at