Floris Limited Edition Rose Geranium Bath Essence


Jo comes over all emotional when she smells this: it’s also the scent of her father’s shaving soap – and we all know fragrance’s power to Tardis us through time and space… A new and very, very special Limited Edition of this wonderfully fragrant classic will, we hope, introduce it to a whole new audience. It’s been launched with a sleeve specially designed by Marta Spendowska, because the Floris family just wanted to say ‘thank you’ to Macmillan Cancer Support by offering a generous £35 of the £55 price as a donation to the charity.

As Floris family member Edward Bodenham poignantly explains: ‘Over the past 24 months the Floris team and wider business has been affected deeply by cancer, and as a small family business, felt the impact that this disease has, both to tbose afflicted with it, but also to those around who love and care for them. We are honoured to be able to help support such a noble organization that gives unfathomable care to so many people on a daily basis. I cannot express just how much the wonderful team at Macmillan have helped, and been there for our family and friends.’

The scent of this is simply sublime. (Don’t just take our word for it: Rose Geranium Bath Essence was a favourite of Marilyn Monroe and Isabella Blow, among others…) And it’s surely a win-win: you get lots and lots of heavenly baths out of just one bottle – and someone with cancer, somewhere, gets some much-needed TLC…

Floris Limited Edition Rose Geranium Bath Essence/£55 for 50ml at www.florislondon.com