Filorga Time-Filler Mat


It’s a complete myth that women with oilier skins don’t develop wrinkles. Maybe it happens a little more slowly, in some cases, but plenty of women with combination and oily skins have concerns about lines. Trouble is, the beauty industry tends to think that everyone who develops visible signs of ageing is also suffering from dehydrated skin. As a result, most anti-ageing creams are super-rich and nourishing, and generally way too heavy for oily complexions.

So this could be salvation-in-a-jar if that’s your problem. From the excellent Filorga range (we’re fans) comes a ‘miracle’ cream packed with actives (including a peptide designed to promote the synthesis of skin- plumping hyaluronic acid), but which has a mattifying texture, thanks to a sebum-regulating complex.

There’s an astringent in there, too, to target pore size, as well as instant skin smoothers to minimise imperfections. Skin looks instantly better, while those actives get to work longer-term. A bit of a shining star – as well as a shine-defying one.

Filorga Time-Filler Mat/£54 for 50ml at