Filorga Hand-Absolute


What has us absolutely sold on this hand cream isn’t just the instantly smoothing hydration it offers, but the dispenser. See that nozzle? You twist and squeeze and the hand cream emerges. Twist it shut again, and it’s closed. Couldn’t be less fiddly if it tried.

Long-term, this also sets out to tackle dark spots, via the use of ‘a rare sea lily’ (oh, we love beauty hyperbole!), and there’s a sulphur-rich complex to strengthen nails and boost growth. Other age-defying ingredients are said to include a hydrating plant sugar (to ensure ’72 hour hydration’), nourishing butters and our favourite hyaluronic acid.

We love its instant effects: hands are softened but not sticky, and genuinely stay less papery for some time. (72 hours? Who doesn’t wash their hands for 72 hours? Not us.)

It is just about handbag-sized (if you carry a big handbag). But as we say, this is all about the clever nozzle – which makes for ease of application and encourages regular use. And with a hand cream, that’s what truly counts.

Filorga Hand Absolute/£20 for 50 ml at