Fab Find of the Week: Ubiety


Ubiety doesn’t just smell good. It doesn’t just look good. It actually does good, too, with all profits going to support the West Country’s Dorothy House Hospice Care.

The name means ‘being grounded in one definitive space’. If that’s a bit difficult to get your head round, we take it to mean ‘be here now’, and sure enough the formulations have been developed specifically to be grounding, calming and empowering, taking their inspiration from ‘wild woodlands and their energy’. And we’re certainly finding the whole collection wonderfully Zen.

The debut collection features hand wash and lotion, facial mist, body salve, lip balm and a wonderful essential oil-fragranced candle. (More to come, we’re told.) The scents are most beguiling, focused around ingredients like lavender, frankincense, clementine, spearmint, neroli – and in the case of the candle, cedar wood, sage and ylang ylang.

They have been created by Wells-based Arcania Apothecary, Limelight Bath Ltd. (who created the essential oil blends) and Bath’s Supple Studio, who designed the gorgeous packaging.

We’ve seen a lot of ‘worthy’, fund-raising/charity-focused ranges in our time, and have always felt that unless the smells are great and the textures good (as good as what we’re already buying, actually), they’re never going to succeed in raising money – no matter how great the cause. 

But this is all-round, feel-good fabulousness. Just ‘buy here now’ – and prepare to be here, now.

From £7 to 34 – buy here