Eyeko Black Magic Lash Boost


We’ve written about ‘two-step’ lash-boosters before – but this is a way to beef up lashes using your regular favourite mascara. And it delivers truly astonishing results. (Brownie’s Honour.)

Essentially, you sweep on your usual mascara and then sweep on Eyeko Black Magic Lash Boost, depositing lash-fattening fibres. It really makes a massive difference to lash volume – we’d say doubling, at least, while adding a little length, too.

You then apply a coat of your regular mascara to ‘seal’ the fibres in place – but we’ve used this quite a few times and there really are no specs and stray fibres, even at the end of the day. Our only additional piece of advice is that it’s best to do one eye at a time, to take advantage of ‘playtime’ – and you do have to work to separate the lashes a bit, if you prefer a defined (but still volumised) lash look.

Otherwise, a total eye-opener of a product. In every way.

 Eyeko Black Magic Lash Boost/£25 at selfridges.com