Eye Make-up Remover & Corrector Liquid Filled Cotton Buds

Whether it's Biblical downpours or melting make-up, summer can often translate into 'panda eyes'. Smudges, specks, a smokey-eye look even when you were aiming at crisp-and-groomed.

These are just brilliant for on-the-go repairs, though.  Clever little things that they are, you simply snap off the end and the liquid travels magically down to the tip, where you can use it to clean up the eye area.  Actually, there's enough liquid to remove all your eye make-up (one per eye, please).

These would be just genius for travelling - you know, the sort of trip where luggage weight is such an issue that you cut the bottom half off your toothbrush, to lighten the load.  (We've friends who've conquered Kilimanjaro, who've done just that. Even though Jo, by contrast, generally packs as if on The Grand Tour, even overnight.)

There's a blemish-beating option, too (though we haven't put them through their paces, just yet).

But these are small wonders, indeed.

UK readers find Eye Make-up Remover & Corrector Liquid Filled Cotton Buds at www.victoriahealth.com/£3.99 for 24 buds