Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask


You know when you don't really expect to fall in love, and it sideswipes you...? That happened here, with a rich, dark, chocolate-y, gel-based mask. Which sounds well and good but when you put it on, you look as if you've raided the compost heap and put it on your face. Truly, this is one where you really, really hope nobody's going to ring the doorbell. Jo actually took a selfie of herself wearing it, and felt it would be too scary to small children to post on our Beauty Bible Instagram.

It doesn't smell like compost, though. Thanks to vanilla essential oil it smells like chocolate heaven – and in the mix are teeny granules of theobroma cacao, alongside other particles from coconut, which work to exfoliate skin when you remove the mask after a few minutes. Sounds scratchy? It's just enough to exfoliate, not enough to damage.

Skin truly appears vibrant, refreshed and as glowing as the name promises – and it's a fast fix, which we love (five mins does the trick).

Just hide, while it's working its chocolate-fuelled magic.

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask/£20 for 60ml  evolve.co.uk