Everyday skin wisdom from Clarisonic's Dr. Robb

The man behind the beauty world's buzziest products lets us in on some secrets...  There are a few chaps (and chap-esses, of course) who we rather want around the office as permanent nudgers.  The kind of practical person who tells you to add a little extra virgin olive oil to your moisturiser for extra-hydration – ‘it’s nature’s anti-ageing secret’, says Dr. Robb Akridge, the boffin who co-founded Clarisonic.  (That’s the sonic gizmo that deep-deep-deep cleanses your skin, in case you’ve been on another planet…)

DRROB CLARISONICSo:  below you will find a few more helpful hints from Dr R. (that's him on the right), and after you’ve read it, be sure to come back and visit tomorrow, when you'll find a fab prize draw for three new Clarisonic Mias...

•  If you are prone to eye puffiness, keep teaspoons in the refrigerator.  In the morning, put them on your eyes for a few minutes.  (We use ice cubes but spoons are a gentler option…)

•  Sunscreen is a daily must.   But sunscreens were designed to stick to the top surface of your skin for longer lasting protection, so they are essentially sticky stuff.   They make your skin feel tacky and trap whatever dirt is in the air.  Add to this your skin's own sweat and oil production and you become a walking flytrap (lovely!). Plus, when the heat is on, pores can look larger because of sweating and make-up build-up.  Your moisturiser doesn’t have any real exfoliating properties, so if you don’t prep your skin first all the mess may well just sit there. The best way to remove this sticky, pore-plugging mess is to cleanse really thoroughly – and the best way to do that?  That would be to sonically cleanse with Clarisonic. (The bonus: Clarisonic ensures your pores are open and properly cleaned out, and they look smaller and tighter.)

•  When washing your face, splash first with hot water to open the pores. Then rinse with cold water to close them. (Before Clarisonic came around, the average woman spent just 20 seconds, once a day, cleansing her skin. Or she used aggressive exfoliation habits that stripped the skin leaving it out of balance, red and irritated.  Clarisonic helps to keep skin balanced, which results in clearer, younger-looking skin.)

•  Remember: Clarisonic is not only good for cleansing your face but also the rest of your body.  And don't forget your décolleté. The décolletage is one of those areas that is under constant solar abuse.  It needs sun protection and sonic cleansing to keep it looking youthful.

 Every ageing woman knows about The Neck Problem.  As we grow older, we lose collagen and elasticity in our skin, including the neck area.  The skin in the neck area is very thin and has few sebaceous oil glands, and consequently little natural moisture, so signs of aging can be very apparent.   That’s why giving your neck lots of hydration and TLC is just as important as face and eye care.  Fight gravity every step of the way by applying your moisturiser to the neck area in an upward motion.

•  If you are planning a big event such as a wedding, start your skin care regimen at least six months in advance (NOT the week before the big event) so your skin looks as great as your dress.