Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser


Way back when, Eve Lom introduced us to the joys of the muslin cloth – the perfect thing for removing her balm cleanser. (Which she also pioneered.) That balm has become a worldwide classic – but now there's a new spin on the formulation, and we have to say we're enjoying it v. v. v. much.

It is, to be honest, much easier to use – because it comes in a pump rather than a jar. The formula – dispensed from the nozzle – features grapeseed and shea butter, but is more loose in texture, instantly perfect for massaging into skin. (They recommend massaging into damp skin; we prefer to use it on dry skin, for optimum nourishment.)

What hasn't changed is the signature Eve Lom cleanser scent that women know and love, blending eucalyptus, hops, chamomile and clove.

And what also hasn't changed is the fact that to remove it – leaving skin moisturised, cleansed and lightly exfoliated – a muslin cloth still works best.

Where would our towel rails be without them...?

Eve Lom Gel Balm Cleanser/£45 for 100 ml at spacenk.com